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Teaching vocabulary can be fun and easy! Visual Vocabulary’s eye-catching images and concise text allow your child to interact with the component parts of our language in much the same way he learned his first words.

Each deck in the Visual Vocabulary system uses five photos or illustrations and minimal, carefully-worded text to internalize a usable word and its roots and affixes, both increasing your child’s current working vocabulary and giving him tools for later learning.

Just as “Where’s your nose?” laid the foundation for future understanding of an airplane’s nosedive, a rocket’s nose cone, nostrils, and even a nasal twang, learning that convoluted means “with rolls” lays the foundation for deciphering the meanings of revolution, evolution, involvement, volute, and many more words your child is sure to encounter.


Questions about Visual Vocabulary?

Where do I get it?

Visual Vocabulary may be purchased here as a nine unit set with a single payment. Each unit includes four root word/affix decks accompanied by an edition of Talking Points, a companion guide offering creative ways to lock in the newest words and concepts, review previous information, and encourage leaps to related words.

How much of my time will it take?

Though students of reading age will dramatically increase their knowledge base using Visual Vocabulary’s materials independently, the greatest benefits will be realized through ongoing adult (or peer) interaction. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, though, to find your children interjecting their new words into conversation and older students quizzing their younger siblings for fun. Decoding unfamiliar words will soon be a favorite family game.

Am I getting my money’s worth?

Concern about the number of words presented on the face of the decks is completely understandable. Visual Vocabulary’s goal, however, is not to teach endless lists of definitions, but rather to give your child the tools and skills needed to break down and understand a large percentage of the words in our language. Lists on the back of the decks introducing root-related words and the accompanying Talking Points actually increase the new vocabulary word count to over 1,000. Truly, pictures are worth a thousand words.